The Association Partners and Consultants

Founded in 2016, The Association Partners & Consultants is a non-profit international association of savings, life insurances and investments based in Canada.

The Association Partners & Consultants is the first independent association of international savers.

The Association Partners & Consultants is an international association of free and independent savers whose objective is to allow its members to set up savings in the best possible fiscal, legal and financial framework.

Today, with more than 20,000 members worldwide, The Partners & Consultants Association offers to its associative members a wide selection of products and services in the context of its savings and investments.

With more than 20,000 members, The Partners & Consultants Association, an independent association of leading savers in Eastern Europe and the United States, represents a unique defense, negotiation and proposal force.

The Partners & Consultants Association is not an insurance company, but a company of insured and savers. It is not a company, but a collective of men, women, institutions and professionals, joining a common project, promoting short-, medium- and long-term savings in the prospect of retiring and passing on their heritage. For this purpose, the members benefit especially from an efficient life insurance contract with free payments and withdrawals.

To ensure its independence and fulfill its mission, The Partners & Consultants Association collects: an admission fee to the Association set at 50$ Canadian dollars per participant.

Organization of the Association

The Board of Administrators of the Association is composed of administrators. The administrators are elected at the General Meeting. At its side, a Consultative Committee is intended to inform the Board of Administrators on the management guidelines of the collective contract.

A Supervisory Committee for the Management of Funds also performs a task of monitoring and controlling the financial management of funds entrusted to insurers under the life insurance contract or the investment funds.

Today, The Partners & Consultants Association covers the entire territory of Eastern Europe.

The aim of the International Association will be to develop its presence in Western Europe, particularly in France, and to provide alternatives to its members for savings, life insurances and investments, which until then were reserved only to professional members from the financial and insurance sectors (Banks, Investment Funds, Insurances …).

The Association role

The role of our Association is not only to provide a secure savings or insurance service to all its members, but also to develop a serene cooperation with members and organizations seeking to develop their business opportunities both nationally and internationally, under the auspices of The Partners & Consultants Association.

Acting together is a major asset in the promotion and exchange of information aimed at creating higher standards of quality, professionalism and presence of our teams around the world.

The Association’s commitment

  • In relation to its members, The Partners & Consultants Association is committed to:
    Ensure quality and guarantee the management of their insurance contracts and their savings.
  • Negotiate with its partners the conditions that are most favorable to them and reward those who sponsor new members.
  • Invite every year those who wish to attend information meetings so as to respond transparently to all the questions of its members

The membership in our association goes much further than the individual management of its savings.
It is being part of a community in which the interest of everyone is in perfect harmony with the collective interest.

The Association Mission

The mission of The Partners & Consultants Association is to assist and support its members within the framework of savings, insurance, investment and business solutions within the international market by strictly following “5 golden rules in terms of investment”:

  • Long-term thinking
  • Regular and IMF-compliant investment
  • Diversified portfolio (services or products)
  • Actual assessment in terms of investment
  • Total transparency of information

Our Vision of the Association

Having a great experience of the entrepreneurial system at an international level, on different types of global markets, the founding concept of The Partners & Consultants Association and its support and management committee is at the origin of only one Concept: “Thinking on a global scale is acting locally”.

In other words, The Partners & Consultants Association provides its members with permanent support from highly qualified professionals in different sectors of activity and with general experience of the market conditions and its particularities.

The Partners & Consultants Association is the designer of this unique relational approach and “daily” treatment of its members, within the framework of an interactive investment system.

The Partners & Consultants Association is a non-profit organization that allows its members, in accordance with their investment strategy or corporate profile, to shape their investment and portfolio of services; In order to best meet the expectations of its members and their objectives, and under exclusive conditions.

The Purpose of the Association

The aim of the Association is to work for the development, improvement and achievement of a qualitatively superior level of theory and practice in the field of insurance, investment, real estate and education, on the basis of the common interests of its clients.

For this purpose, the Association collects and distributes among its clients up-to-date information on all issues that are or may be relevant to their development.

Our clients and partners have the opportunity to work within the partnership grouping allowing projects to be carried out in a more cost-effective, qualitative, efficient and in accordance with the highest professional standards.

The Association’s objectives are to provide its members with:

  • Establishing and maintaining international contacts, attracting eminent foreign scientists for the implementation of projects.
  • Maintaining cooperative relationships with government agencies, universities, scientific and research institutions that teach or work on issues related to energy, insurance, real estate, banking and education.
  • The conclusion or execution of contracts with strategic partners to ensure a direct or indirect positive effect on the achievement of the objectives.
  • The implementation, whether alone or in conjunction with other national and international associations or organizations, of companies and individuals authorized by law for information exchange and cooperation activities.
  • Organizing and conducting scientific meetings, conferences, seminars, round tables and other events.
  • Provide information and consultation produced through electronic exchange on the Internet.
  • The Consultative approach: In addition to its core activity, the Association could also offer:
  • Information, advice, advertising and services; Arranging and conducting of training courses; All other services related to the objectives of the Association.

A selection of controlled savings

The activity of the Association is the research, information and development of business opportunities and investment to its members both in professional investment and in life insurance.

Its role is to guarantee on a long-term basis, the activity and the financial investment of its members in the international markets.

With the help of a financial analyst, we select investment projects that take into consideration the ratio between the planned performance and the risk in the following sectors:

  • Construction and development;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Energy;
  • Agriculture and Food.

The modernity and efficiency of the projects are evaluated in collaboration with internationally renowned scientific experts in the fields concerned.