Life insurance is one of the most reliable investments at the international level. The main advantages of this investment are its flexibility and its preferred tax framework throughout the term of the contract and in the event of death.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a financial investment that allows the subscriber to save money for the purpose of passing it on to a beneficiary when an insured event occurs: death or survival. This savings product allows the subscriber to collect interest on his contract based on the capital invested.

What is the life insurance used for?

A life insurance contract is actually a financial investment offered by an insurance company. The money you entrust to it is invested so as to generate income that will be added to your initial capital. You can at any time recover your capital and capital gains.

The contract also provides that in the event of death, the accumulated savings will be paid to the beneficiary (ies) you designated, regardless of your estate.

How does life insurance work?

Life insurance is a savings contract. All payments, as well as generated interests, will be a capital. In the event of survival, you will receive this saved capital. In the event of death, this capital will be transferred to the person you have previously designated in the contract. This is the beneficiary clause.

A life insurance policy allows you to save at your own pace: it is the principle of free payments. It also allows you to dispose of your savings at any time *. Finally, it offers you the possibility of dividing your savings between different financial supports such as the euro fund, guaranteed capital support, and unit-linked supports opening up, in a simple way, access to different markets (stocks, bonds, Real estate, etc.) and to different geographical areas.

* Subject to contractual provisions

What are the benefits of life insurance?

With a life insurance policy, you can “drive” your savings as you wish and benefit from them at any time.

Financial optimization, flexible management, exceptional tax regime. Life insurance is an excellent tool for preparing your succession.

A choice in perfect agreement with your situation and your needs: A capital always available and at any time, unmatched flexibility, payment of your savings at your convenience, free choice of beneficiaries, access to the financial markets and benefit from its performance, an advantageous tax system.

Which life insurance to choose?

This savings product allows each investor to implement his projects, whether in terms of the development of his capital, the preparation of his succession or his retirement. The supply of life insurance is particularly important on the French market. Among the multitude of contracts offered, it can be tedious to know which life insurance policy to choose. It is therefore strongly recommended to analyze in detail certain elements common to each life insurance contract, in order to make the best choice possible.

The Partners & Consultants Association has established the basis for a more responsible, transparent and flexible collective life insurance policy for its members.

Its intrinsic qualities and regular returns allowed the collective life insurance contract to be a benchmark in the life insurance and retirement savings market.