Our International Encounters

These meetings provide an opportunity to review the life of the Association at national and international level and its medium-term objectives.

During these meetings, a large part is devoted to a global presentation of national and international projects, as well as the interests of savers to the strategic choices proposed by the association.

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October 2016 – Krasnodar Seminar ( Russia )

December 2016 – Aktau Seminar ( Kazakhstan )


In the media

Associative documents and Selection of Savings Programs

All our selections of services and savings programs are developed by the members of the International Association of Investments and Life insurances “Partners & Consultants” and are represented by independent consultants.

The ongoing activity of Independent Consultants is managed by the association’s online corporate platform – TOKMAIL.COM.

The Consultants will find all the information relating to the organization of the associative life and the savings programs supported by the association for the account and the interest of its members.