Our professional advisors on Life Insurance


Collective life insurance policies offered to our members are entrusted to professional advisors Рinsurance brokers, wealth management advisers, agents and employees of insurance companies’ partners of The Partners & Consultants Association, in accordance with the rules imposed By the Insurance Code.

The Partners & Consultants Association ensures that these intermediary insurance professionals authorized to offer life insurance contracts subscribe to the legal obligations to submit insurance transactions and fully commit themselves to respect the ethical principles of our Association, in particular with regard to the defense of the interests of the members.

Our International Association of investments and Life insurances has decided to offer its members one of the most prestigious insurance companies, which is also an associate member: The ALLIANZ group.

The Partners & Consultants Association has set up a privileged relationship with the ALLIANZ group, in the context of collective life insurance contracts, in order to offer its members the most appropriate and reliable products.

The Partners & Consultants Association has negotiated life insurance contracts for its members for $ 50 USD per year; Covering risks such as:

  • Natural Death, with a coverage of $ 10 000 USD
  • Accidental Death, with a coverage of $ 20 000 USD ‚Ķ

Every subscriber of an ALLIANZ life insurance savings program is governed by the general conditions of the insurance code and the contractual terms negotiated by the association with the ALLIANZ group.

All subscribers of the ALLIANZ collective life insurance policy will receive a personal identification certificate on the value taken out by the insurance company.


The Association of Independent Consultants K21


The International Association of Independent Consultants K21 is an organization headquartered in London (United Kingdom).

The main objective of this association is to foresee and implement a single method, within the framework of human resources management known as “Concept 21”.

This method is conducted by internships and collective training courses abroad, with a view to preparing the participants to acquire the skills needed in their professional evolution and personal development in their capacity as independent business consultants at the national or international level, In accordance with the regulations of The Partners & Consultants Association.

The K21 Association has been created with the sole aim of developing the international market, in the framework of advisory services in the following areas:

Marketing, information exchange, real estate development, life insurance, selective savings and investment programs, network IT services, assistance in the development of analytical financial skills, development of knowledge in terms of investment in short / medium / long term, cultural development, development of skills and personal qualifications.

Human value is the focal point of our group, both for our clients and for our consultants.

By applying an individual approach to each client and consultant, we strive to improve the quality of our programs and services to meet the needs of our clients and consultants.

Our work within our association is therefore to create a long-term partnership relationship, an accomplice, bilateral and advantageous relationship for all the active parties to the various projects supported.

How to Become a K21 Consultant?

The board is a unique model of career development, which combines the experience of each person’s life, knowledge and skills. We are therefore in a development which is specific to each of us, and which works to each ones experience.

The council is thus an essential instrument of the international economic system, allowing career development, personal objectives and remunerations up to the expectations of our consultants.

The independent K21 consultant develops and represents the interests of the associate members of “Partners & Consultants“.

Advice from our teams:

To develop one’s own professional career within our association, it is necessary to proceed through steps that would allow all independent consultants to see their personal goals grow rapidly. Our first advice: finding people who can join the collective interests.

Within our association, all our consultants are free and independent.

Today, the K21 Association cooperates with more than 3000 independent consultants active on the international scene.


Eco Habitat Real Estate Promotions

Eco Habitat

The ECO HABITAT group is the result of the will of four men, each with more than 20 years of experience in the world of construction, industry, architecture and real estate.

The ECO HABITAT group is not only a real estate development company whose field of action is the French national territory, but it is also the guarantor of all its real estate programs whose main objective is to offer its healthy, economical and environmentally friendly housing.

The quest for professional excellence through the competence and involvement of our teams and partners enables us to achieve the ongoing goal of customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is inevitably a prerequisite for good economic performance, allowing us to invest, to continue the process of mastering the manufacturing, design, engineering, and marketing of our real estate programs.

ECO-HABITAT Real Estate Promotions proposes to all the investors or savers of The Partners & Consultants Association a direct savings investment access on the various real estate programs that the group proposes in its portfolio of real estate activities in France.




ELEVIT PROPERTIES INVESTMENT GROUP, participating financial company, managing the financial fund of private investors and on behalf of the savers of The Partners & Consultants Association of the real estate programs of the company ECO HABITAT REAL ESTATE PROMOTIONS.

The main mission of our company is to assist and financially support all the real estate transactions of the ECO HABITAT group. The development of our property portfolio and our achievements involves a crowdfunding to ECO HABITAT over the total duration of the property development operation, as well as a participatory take-up in the projects financed.

Thus, ECO HABITAT is an essential asset in the development and reconciliation of the interests of associate members and its guaranteeing companies with the interests of savers of The Partners & Consultants Association.

Evroasia Global Investment


Joint-stock Society “Evroasia Global Investment” is an investment company operating on the¬†territory¬†of¬†Kazakhstan.

The purpose of establishing¬†“Evroasia Global Investment” is¬†Kazakhstan¬†investors‚Äô proposal for an investment solution through the emission of shares for the development of investment projects in both¬†Kazakhstan¬†and abroad.

“Evroasia Global Investment” philosophy is founded on business transparency, capital efficiency, open relationship and confidentiality observance.

Proposal for Association clients

‚ÄúEvroasia Global Investment‚ÄĚ acts as a corporation and provides shares exclusively for the clients of “Partners and Consultants” International Investment Association before offering them through public-private placement in stock exchanges. In support of investment projects within the overall portfolio of ‚ÄúEvroasia Global Investment‚ÄĚ, the clients of the Association are offered to invest in stocks with a guaranteed yield of 12 % per year, secured by an ‚ÄúEvropa Investment‚ÄĚ corporate guarantee. Thanks to its customers, ‚ÄúEvropa Global Investment‚ÄĚ has become part of the world family, and now it has the unique opportunity to constantly interact with customers and shareholders, thus achieving desired results based on mutual respect and benefit.

Evropa Investment


Evropa Investment is an investment company, which is based on commercial principles and provides stable and long-term benefits to its investors and high returns on invested capital.

Company mission:

Stimulation of borrowed capital in key sectors so as to ensure growth of the invested capital.

Investment policy principles

The objective of ‚ÄúEvropa Investment‚ÄĚ investment policy is to ensure sustainable growth and high return on capital. In this regard, the company is guided by a number of criteria when determining the investment interest.

Innovations providing added value

The developed product should be a promising one and has to represent a new stage in market evolution. Thus, the product will secure high yield and display stable capital growth.

Correct assessment of inclusion in the project
Involvement in the project should happen in the initial phase of market growth, and at the time of the product’s launch the market must be ready to switch to the selected stage of development.

Professional team

Project’s development, start and management should be carried out on the basis of international standards with a clear understanding of team’s strategy and development objectives.

Correct assessment of exclusion from the project.
Implementation of continuous invest-divest process based on clear market forecasting and following of the selected format.
Information for investors

Currently, the question the investors are facing is how to invest their savings in volatile financial market conditions.
Company¬†Evropa Investment¬†Investment¬†offers you an effective method of investing ‚Äď investment programEvropa Investment¬†–¬†one of the most innovative and attractive ways of allocating investors‚Äô capital on a worldwide scale. By participating in our investment program, you get the opportunity to diversify your assets, thus significantly reducing risks and using the high potential of both domestic and foreign financial instruments and investment projects.

The most interesting part in terms of potential yield is the investing in investment projects. When selecting these projects and assessing their potential, Evropa Investment relies on the successful experience in this field, as well as on the experience and expertise of international specialists. In order to diversify the investment portfolio, Evropa Investment participates in projects focused on new technologies, construction, alternative and renewable energy sources. Considering the financial market crisis and the lack of liquidity, we are able to participate in investment projects with preferential terms, which will allow us to execute high value plans.

Efficient¬†management¬†of¬†investors‚Äô¬†assets¬†–¬†key¬†to¬†our¬†own¬†well-being.¬†We look at the goals and assignments of our investors as if they were our own, and we understand that transferring funds into an investment is like creating a new level of relationship between us and our investors with regards to the principles of mutual cooperation and partnership.

We will be glad to greet you among our investors.



ELEVIT SYSTEMS Bulgaria LTD  is a Bulgarian engineering company specialized in the design and construction of energy-saving, low-energy, passive buildings.

The objectives of ELEVIT SYSTEMS are to promote, design and construct solid wooden houses and premises, by applying modern construction technologies in the construction and use of ecological building materials such as wood and metal, adhering to standards for energy efficiency and energy savings. Based on its rich experience in design and construction and highly qualified team of engineers, designers and constructors, ELEVIT SYSTEMS is partner in all construction projects of the clients of “Partners and Consultants‚ÄĚ Association.

Another major task includes also the promotion and presentation of architectural system ELEVIT to the European markets, as well as obtaining all necessary certificates as per European standards for energy-saving, low-energy and passive buildings.

Due to its structure and elements, the ELEVIT system is unique and multi-functional. This allows the construction of monolithic buildings of 3 floors, modern residential buildings, kindergartens, office buildings, industrial buildings, social and cultural centers, hotels, spas, buildings in remote areas and parks, construction of buildings in areas with seismic activity. Thus our customers will have the opportunity to make their choice according to their financial capacity.

 You could check in detail our activity by visiting our site www.elevitsystems.com

IFAM Business School


Since 1982 IFAM Business School has been seeking to o develop an education scheme based on the meeting of two strong academic standards: USA and France.

Today IFAM is at the middle point of this exciting challenge: promoting American model of management in a leading European country.

The originality of IFAM’s program is that it has been entirely conceived as an American-style program. Therefore, IFAM has exclusive contracts with a number of prestigious universities in the United States: PaceUniversity in New York, Suffolk University in Boston, Central Michigan University, University of Dallas, Northeastern University in Boston, and Bryant College in Rhode Island.

Training programs:

Bachelor of Business Administration¬†‚Äď a three-year program entirely devoted to teaching management techniques. Founded in 1982, the program was the first such program in¬†France, developed in collaboration with¬†U.S.¬†universities.

MBA Рa program lasting nine months for those who have already completed university or are already active in business.

IFAM provides its students with the opportunity to try something they will experience in real business someday. Our teachers use ¬ęcase study¬Ľ methods (methods of studying real-life situations) to recreate a real work environment.

Joining the IFAM Business School is the best choice for students who want to become managers of the new, constantly evolving business community.

We invite the members of the¬†Association “Partners & Consultants” ¬†to a world of exciting possibilities and the realities of IFAM business school, “Where Knowledge Becomes Power”.




THE CTL EUROCOLLEGE is a private educational institute of European character, located in the city of Limassol, Cyprus.

The college was founded in 1966, and it is internationally recognized and provides educational programs in undergraduate and masters degrees, as well as summer courses in English language and preparatory courses for professional examinations.

400 students are trained in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The teaching staff from America, Great Britain and other European countries consists of active businessmen and professionals who work with international students. The flexible and loyal educational program of the college enables students to easily understand the basics of modern business and to enthusiastically reach new horizons. This is largely due to the individual approach in training and the introduction of modern technologies.
After completing the training, and having been integrated in the culture, customs and business practices of Western Europe, the young professionals receive internationally recognized certificates.

CTL provides a wide range of faculties:

Business Administration in the following areas:
‚ÄĘ Accounting and Finance;
‚ÄĘ Management and Marketing.

Tourism and Hotel Management

‚ÄĘ Computer studies;
‚ÄĘ Computer science.

Office Administration

Professional specialized courses in marketing, banking and accounting
Upon completing the program selected by him/her, the student receives:
– Certificate (1 year of education)
– Diploma (2 years)
– Higher Diploma (3 years)
– Bachelors Degree (4 years)
– Masters Degree (for Bachelors Degree – 1 academic year)

THE CTL EUROCOLLEGE is always ready to admit clients of “Partners and Consultants” Association willing to go through the training course.



AIM was established in 1992 by subsidiaries of the CORNELL HOTEL SOCIETY Association, one of the most prestigious American university organizations consisting of eminent professionals in the field of hotel management, engaged with the education and training of future managers in international hotel industry and tourism.

AIM issues diplomas licensed by AHLA (American Hotel & Lodging Association), the world’s largest non-profit association with unrivaled reputation in the training of professional hotel management.

AIM’s programs provide the undergraduates with a comprehensive approach to knowledge management mastered in worldwide hotel networks and leading U.S. universities, whose alumni include AIM founders.

AIM is proud to be the first school in hotel management and international tourism in continental Europe. It offers training programs, which upon completion result in the issuance of worldwide recognized Bachelor (BS) and Masters (MS) diplomas.

The Bachelor and Master’s degree diplomas are among the most popular ones in the world. The programs are registered with the Ministry of Education of France and licensed by AHLA.

Being located in the immediate vicinity of the International University Campus Cité International Universitaire, AIM has benefitted a lot from this proximity by sharing good reputation and consistently high standards.

AIM’s international recognition affects management’s high quality and creative approach, and enables its graduates to advantageously obtain prestigious positions of top managers.

The doors of the Academy are open for the customers of the Association “Partners & Consultants”.




GRAPHICS ART Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, which has been operating for 10 years in the field of graphic design, creation, printing preparation and production of labels, packaging, packaging film and advertising materials for companies from the food, pharmaceutical and other industry and business branches.

GRAPHICS ART Ltd. employs and works with a team of experts in the following areas:
– Graphic and industrial design, 3D design and visualization;
– Prepress, computer processing and paging;
– Polygraphy, printing and printing technologies;
– Engineering activities and others.

Printing, finishing processes and production is carried out with own equipment, or with partner companies and enterprises possessing the necessary materials and facilities, under the terms and conditions of contractual relations and joint ownership.

The opportunity of achieving quality and attractive finished products is based on the modern technologies used in the printing processes, depending on the requirements for the specific product. The machinery employed by the company for the realization of various types of printing technologies and production processes includes:

‚ÄúGALLUS RCS430‚ÄĚ ‚Äď 5 colors UV offset printing, 6 colors flexographic or rotogravure printing (Rotogravure), in combination with screen printing, gold printing, relief or UV varnishing. Automatic Punching. Unrolling and roles delivery upon given parameters, while referring adhesive materials ‚Äď with separate waste included.

Materials used- BOPP (transparent, opaque, white, metallic), PE, PP, PET, PVC, Al foil, etc..

“Heidelberg SpeedMaster SM-102”, “Heidelberg SpeedMaster SM-52” KBA Rapida 105U, in combination with UV varnish or lamination.

“Lombardi” – piston punch label (for gluing in box)

“BOBST” ‚Äď punching and automatic gluing of carton packages. Possibility for placing and marking with braille text.

If you are interested in the possibilities of “GRAPHICS ART” Ltd., the company will gladly provide you with samples of manufactured labels, packaging and other materials, along with an offer made under client‚Äôs parameters and requirements for specific products.

International business club ¬ęGreen World Club¬Ľ


International business club¬†¬ęGreen World Club¬Ľ¬†is designed to help the working business. To provide new markets and thereby increase the production of products, to increase the employment of staff, to raise the turnover.
Meetings of representatives of the successful business is a way to create new contacts. They are a prerequisite for new arrangements, for new ideas and their realization. New customers are welcome at any time.
Building on the foundation of mutual, the future will always be optimistic. As a club we organize 6 annual meetings. Your partners will be companies from different sectors of the economy. In the remaining period of the year for any company that wishes to present its product or service, we are preparing presentation meetings. In the club’s Web site, news related to the operation of companies, products, or promotion of the week can be published.
That means we perform activities with which we strive to be helpful in every way for our members.

Tomorrow will be a successful day, because we are together.


–°entre for classical Suggestopedia ‚ÄúVihrovenia‚ÄĚ


¬†‚ÄúVihrovenia‚ÄĚ is one of the first centres for classical Suggestopedia in Bulgaria.¬† ¬†Its goal is to inspire and encourage tapping into the deep innate reserves of every person for learning and creativity. It was created in 2012 as part of the Media Educational Centre, following in the path of Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina Gateva Foundation.

All teachers have been trained and certified in classical Suggestopedia, as created by Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

The Vihrovenia centre for classical Suggestopedia shares the love of learning, that liberating and inspiring learning process when our whole being dives into the new and we embrace knowledge with ease and joy. Our starting point and milestone is Dr. Lozanov, the creator of Suggestopedia, and our core values spring from the 7 laws of Suggestopedia, postulated by him.
We, at Vihrovenia, believe in Suggestopedia and we live it ‚Äď inside and outside the learning spaces. We have taken up as our mission in life to spread the method created by Prof. Dr. Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Gateva in foreign language learning as well as in the whole spectrum of other disciplines. We are especially keen on integrating Suggestopedia into primary school pedagogy as we can see how it can transform the life of our children and make them happier, calmer, more joyful and knowing.
Suggestopedical learning helps children and adults alike to master with ease and joy basic vocabulary in a foreign language on topics of everyday importance. While they learn, they also develop their sense of harmony and beauty, inspired by the classical music, visual arts and many games interwoven into the process. Children discover the world of letters through tales, music and funny games; words come alive in the image of their favourite characters. The teachers dramatize the plot in such a way as to inspire learners to be active in the process of studying and to stimulate their imagination.