Why Join The Partners & Consultants Association?

Becoming a member of The Partners & Consultants Association means joining one of the leading independent associations of international savers.

The associative spirit is profoundly different from a commercial approach.

You are not a customer, but a member. You are considered to be a member of an international community. And as such, you have specific rights, such as:

  • to receive regular information on current events, on the accounts of the Association, on the improvements made to the various savings, provident and investment contracts, decisions adopted at the General Meeting and dialogue at regular meetings in France or abroad.
  • attend the annual vote of the resolutions submitted to the General Meeting.

It is constantly striving to obtain the most favorable conditions for retirement, savings and investment for its members.

In order to guarantee exclusivity and high professional performance to its associative members, The Partners & Consultants Association offers permanent assistance to its members. Our professionals are carefully selected and must be able to answer all the questions that our members have about current and future accomplishments and objectives directed by the members of The Partners & Consultants Association.

It is among a range of professional services that The Partners & Consultants Association supports its members, such as:

  • Optimization of long-term savings, in the context of combined investment and insurance investment plans;
  • Introduction to the management of private banking assets;
  • Individual Training and education;
  • Individual development of business opportunity within the association, with pre-established programs in terms of marketing, marketing studies, and services.
  • Introduction to new technologies and different concepts of daily activities.
  • Various business services and creation of company abroad;
  • Tax, social, investment and services structuring around the world; In line with global trends;
  • Project evaluation and implementation
  • Keeping your accounting books and monthly, quarterly or annually monitoring.
  • Strategic development and feasibility study on business projects and new development opportunities;
  • International banking services;
  • Turnkey projects in the context of long-term capital financing and savings;
  • International legal assistance;
  • Real Estate Development: offering financing solution for buying, selling and renting all over the world.
  • Audit Service.

Membership and collaboration

Membership in the Association is open to all natural or legal persons who are related to the objectives of the Association and who have been recommended by another member of the Association.

All sponsored applicants or new members must include in their general information and presentation documents:

  • A statement of intent indicating the purpose of their membership in the association and their potential to assist the Association in achieving its objectives.

Membership of non-sponsored persons will be subject to the vote of the Board of Administrators of the Association and according to the candidate’s file.

Members of the Association must retain their full legal and economic identity.

Members of the Association are required to declare their area of interest and their expectations to the entire executive committee of the Association.

The management and security committee of the association must assume the obligation to keep confidential all the personal information of its members.

The association is open to cooperation with all persons and organizations who accept the following terms and precepts:

  • Ethics and Morale in their field of activity.
  • Competence, care and diligence in their activity.
  • Organization, Control, Efficiency and Responsibility in managing the risks of their business.
  • Guarantee of their financial solvency.

Each member, participant, partner and client will be treated by the Association with respect and ready to work together at all levels of the organization in a constructive and collective manner and to favor a sense of sharing of achievements.

Type of partnership

We welcome any person likely to be interested in the associative activity of Partners & Consultants.

We offer two types of collaboration:

  1. A Professional Partnership for:

Independent, experienced and qualified professionals who can offer their services and skills to the enrichment of the Association, as well as the continuous improvement of offers to members.

  1. An Individual Partnership for:
  • Enterprises, organizations, institutions or any natural person who use consulting services or other professional services;
  • Researchers, technology providers and professional managers who are willing to develop programs and services for associate members, while sharing a common interest, while being ready to propose to the association and its members existing products or projects that may be of common interest to the members of The Partners & Consultants Association.

Meet an advisor

If you wish to join The Partners & Consultants Association, please complete the form below. Our counselor will contact you as soon as your request is received and will set an appointment with you as part of the subscription of your membership and the creation of your personal access space.

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